Monday, June 24, 2013

Samsung Malaysia “Get-To-Know” Bloggers Gathering

Last Thursday I was invited by Donovan to attend an event organised by Samsung. It is actually an approach by Samsung to get to know the bloggers in town. The Samsung people would like to share their experience and to spread that they are not just only producing good quality mobile phones.

The event was organised at The Pool, Jalan Ampang and it was my second time going there. The event was suppose to start at 7pm so I purposely rush my ass straight after work there as i worry the traffic jam in KL. TO my amaze I was really 1 of the few early birds.

From the picture above I think you can see that how early I manage to get myself there. I was rewarded by a small gift when I arrived there. 

1 of it is this wristband thumb drive. It will be quite useful for me as I can treat it as a wristband after using it and don't need to worry about misplacing it anymore.

The next gift is this mini speaker. Just a bit disappointed as the sound that come out of this speaker is not as loud as i was hoping for.

After waiting till like around 8pm the crowd started to build up and we were tricked by the emcee of the day Linora to come to look at a piece of empty wall and tricking us to believe something is there. Quite a sneaky move to gather people in front of the stage. Then Donovan gave some small speech and introduce the Samsung team up on stage. 

Next, 1 of the team members briefly show us what Samsung does. I never knew Samsung produces washing machine. After the briefing, everyone was invited to the buffet dinner. I guess everyone was happy to hear that as we were starving. After dinner we had a small game which involves their latest product the Samsung TacTiles. We were suppose to use the NFC reader on our smart phone to read the message in the Samsung TacTiles. Luckily my Sony phone was able to do it. Too bad the message were a bit too long for me to memorize so I did not manage to win the prize which is 5 piece of Samsung Tactile worth RM70 if I'm not mistaken.

Oh well at least I still manage to caught up with some friends to chit chat before leaving. Din manage to make new friends though as maybe I were too shy to mingle. Haha. Thats all for now. Ciaoz....

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