Monday, June 17, 2013

GT Events 2013

Its been a long time since I blog anything on my blog again. I guess my life was quite boring as I have to work 8am to 5pm everyday exclude Sundays. But recently I just got the chance to get involved in a nice event called the Super GT Queen search. Do hit the break to read more about it.

So you readers sure wondering whats the Super GT Queen search all about right??? Its actually a competition to find a Malaysian girl to represent Malaysia in the Japan Super GT. I was lucky enough to get a chance to shoot the finalist of this competition. All this I must really thanks Patrick Low who is the organizer of Photographers Chill Out. He is the only reason that I could get involved in his project. Patrick Low is actually the one and only male judge for this competition.

So what is his project about? Patrick actually got inspired by a video where there was an artist sketch a picture of a person base on that own person's description. Then he will draw another sketch based on other person's view of that person. So in the end the sketch will be a totally 2 different look because as human beings we tend to focus more on our negative side than positive. A total stranger wont look on the negative side but more on the positive.

Our challenge for the day was something like the video but instead of drawing, we use our camera cause we're photographers right? :D So below is a video of what we did during our challenge. Too bad I have not gotten the softcopy picture from Patrick so I could not post the results of the shoot here.


PS: Finally get to molest a Hasselblad... Too bad its not mine... Haha

Next up is just a simple video which I shot during the Super GT Queens Fan Meet session. So hopefully you all can enjoy it although its not quite good. Still need to sharpen my video taking and editing skills.

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