Tuesday, April 30, 2013

things which I should not have done..

Actually in everyone's life, you've bound to do some stuff which you regret later and I think I have quite a couple of them. Now time to let it all out. (as far as I can remember)

Now recalling back when I was young, I used to like those digimon series. Then I got addicted to something called a digivice when i pass by a shop selling the toy. The next thing I know I kept asking my mom to buy it. But when the shop owner took it out. I noticed the Bandai logo was not there and part of me knew it was not the ori toy nut yet I still ask my mom to buy it. In the end regretted buying it and just throw it 1 side. What a waste right? I'm just a spoilt brat.

Up till when I'm 24 years old I'm still like that. Not thinking properly before I act. In the end had to suffer in my future. I think most of my friends know what I'm referring to. And today I just regret not reading properly. Sigh.... Next time really must take my time in making decision so no rash actions taken.

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