Sunday, December 16, 2012

Galaxy Wonderland...

Do you feel that Malaysia is a special place to live in? So what actually makes Malaysia so special? I tell you, its because of the 'special' things such as culture, people and etc that makes Malaysia such a nice place to live in.
This time, Samsung is now launching a new campaign to gather all the Malaysians in the online world. Their motive is to create a Galaxy Wonderland which portrays the uniqueness of Malaysia. With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung plan to use this phone to help Yuna to shoot another music video.
Now here's the most interesting part. You can help contribute your ideas on what makes Malaysia a special place by submitting your ideas to the online portal. Then Yuna will be using your ideas and put it into her music. Isn't that cool? So are you gonna contribute your ideas? 
1st: Go to 
2nd: You'll see the create button on the top of the page. Go click it.

3rd: Start drawing or put in text on even upload photos to contribute your ideas

4th: Just press done and submit your ideas. So simple.

So I hope I can see all of you could share your ideas and see it soon at the portal ya. ;) You can also visit Samsung Mobile Malaysia Facebook page, to receive their latest updates.

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