Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We Love Asia 2013 music festival

So last week I went to my 1st happening rave party which is the We Love Asia music festival. The main highlights of the event was of course Taio Cruz, Ferry Corsten, Redfoo from LMFAO and last but not least Steve Aoki... Hit the jump to read more bout the event...

I've got this 2 invites to this We Love Music Asia music festival all thanks to Don Chan and Manoah... As I could not find a partner to go to the event so ended up I drove to Sepang alone where the event was being held... It was quite a big mistake going there alone as during the whole event I was quite lonely... :S

The event have not really started when I reached there at around 7pm... The crowd was quite small when the event started as you can see from the below picture...

Since the crowd was quite small I went to the booth set up beside the stage to win some cool stuff.

Here's one of the participants trying to grab as many 'prizes' as he could within the time limit.

At 1st I managed to win just this ring which is like a glow stick but in a ring form and also a lighter. But Later I managed to win a cool shirt with an electronic gadget attached to it. This thing would light up according to the sound around me like something which you could see in a sound mixer.

When Joachim Garraud went on stage starting to play his music I quickly rush out into the already crowded place in front of the stage. He was good and some of the songs he played that night was awesome. The whole crowd went dancing and shaking on the dance floor. :D

This time I took more video than photos as I would like to share with you all what actually happen on that night and let you feel it. ;) After Joachim Garraud, its Redfoo's (from LMFAO) turn. Boy the crowd went more wild when he appeared on stage. I'll let you all see what happened that night.

Redfoo really wiggling in Malaysia...

I did not manage to stay until Steve Aoki appeared because it was already 11.30pm and I really got to head back home as the next day was a Monday which is a working day for me. I do envy those who could stay back till late. Any how I did really enjoy my party with the great music that weekend. Do hope I'll get to join more of this type of event in the future. Till then ciaoz.

*sorry for the lousy video recording... still trying to improve on video shooting..*

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