Sunday, September 9, 2012

Early September post...

Time do really fly very fast and I finally got my 1st half month pay. I noticed that my pay is really not enough to fulfil my dreams. After deducting my expenditures, there's only like RM200+ balance. I wonder how long I need to save up so that I could open my own studio and also buy a professional video camera. I wanted to do more freelance work as a photographer but I don't really have the time because I have to work full day on a Saturday every week!!!
There's just so many things that I would want to do and buy but it seems that the more I want I surely cant get it. I really need to be much more organised so that I can achieve my target easily. Before this I wanted more time so that I could plan all of it. But now when I have the time the things that I had in mind suddenly just went blank.
Yesterday I just had my 1st Register of Marriage(ROM) shoot. My gf's sister finally invited and gave me a chance to shoot her big day. I noticed some problems with my shoot which are I have to check my picture after each shoot to avoid any person who accidentally blinked and close their eyes in the picture. I should have took a few same shots of the same pose. Besides that I really have to work better on the lighting and poses. Sometimes I really dont have any idea how to pose the couples and in the end they are just doing the same pose all over again.
NOTE TO SELF: Really need lots of practice in photography on my own without any guidance from others.

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