Monday, September 17, 2012

Am I suit for this??

Recently I want to start up my own studio and a business in photography. The genre that I'm gonna focus on is wedding, portrait and event photography. So now I decided to do freelance 1st as I dont have enough capital to start it on my own. For wedding photography I've actually decided to be like those wedding studio to offer a whole set of package to my clients including photography, video, gown rental and make up. I and my teammates would be handling the photography and video part. the rest will be sub out to other professionals to do as we dont really know a thing about those.

So for the wedding gown part I was fortunate enough to collaborate with a person starting her business in selling rental gown. As I told her my idea of doing a rental business she agreed. Her business shop name is called 'Yes I Do'. So far everything was quite smooth except that during the 1st time when she loan me the gown for my pre wedding portfolio, my model accidentally dirtied her gown and I did not notice it on the spot and returned the gown to the owner. Although the owner said it was ok and asked me to be more careful next time, I knew it was my fault for not taking care of it and clean it up for her.

Now is the 2nd time I loan her gown again and this time she loaned me 4 gowns. I did not manage to do a profile shoot for all the gown and only managed to shoot 2. And even for those 2 I somehow forgotten to shoot the back profile of the gown. Haiz. This is due to my poor time management and also my own body stamina. Shoot half way through then feel tired and not able to focus anymore. I'm just so weak.

Now to start ranting. The day I took the gown back to my house and open up the bag containing the gowns to have a look, the zip spoiled and in the end I did not manage to close the bag. i think it was already a sign to me that things wont be going to be smooth. But if I share this thinking out I think many will condemn me for being so negative. Ok next on, I knew this problem might happen on the second bag so I carefully open it and manage to avoid the same problem. Although I manage to avoid this problem but I kind forgotten to warn the model who is coming to try out the gown about this and in the end she too might have accidentally spoiled the zip as after she left I found out the zip was spoiled too.

As for today, I was too tired in the end so I decided to ask one of the photographer to help me collect the gown from the model. I thought everything would be ok until when I reached home and found out the lace tying at the back of the gown was missing. I should have checked the gown at the event place but I did not. I would not want to point any fingers but the problem kinda occurred on the same model (if u all get what I mean). I guessed maybe my luck was gone from the beginning of this plan. Now I dont know how am I going to explain to the gown owner. I guessed she will sure blame me and would not want to collaborate with me anymore as this is the second time I kinda 'destroyed' her gown. So should I continue with my idea of doing the gown rental or should I just give up??? Is this a sign for me from GOD???

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JL said...

u think yr god will stop u from doing stg like this meh? its just a hurdle you need to pass :)