Sunday, October 21, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Launch @ Zebra Square

Really sorry for the lack of updates lately. Have been really really busy with life. I managed to get myself invited to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 launch recently on the 11.10.2012. Hit the jump to see more bout the launch.
So I managed to reach Zebra Square at 7pm right just before the event started. Luckily the traffic jam was not too bad at that time and thus I managed to snag a goodie bag from Samsung.

The crowd just before the event start

Me with the Samsung background

If I did not remember wrongly the event only started at around 8pm and everyone was invited to enter a special room for the launch. The launch was followed by a so called 'talk show' to keep us entertained.

Before the event really start.

The crowd on the left.

The crowd on the right.

The emcee for the day.

The launch started of by a speech given by the MD.

Next up is 2 more guys explaining about the features of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

I like this guy more as he added some cold jokes into his presentation.

Its time for the talk show with 3 special guest. 1 of them is Adam C.

Look at the drawing on the Galaxy Note 2 by the painter of the mural in Penang (paiseh don't really know his name)

Group shots.

The buffet which was served to those who came. Some of it tasted quite nice but I din really like the fried mee in the box. Its a bit tasteless.

Everyone trying out the cup cake making session organised by Samsung.

Female bloggers who I know some of them.

Finally the last pic, Don with the female bloggers.

I did not really get a hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as I scared I'll be self poisoning myself too much and want to get it in the end. The RRP for this phone is RM2299 but many of the telcos now are bundling their package with this phone. What I can say is this phone have some cool features I really like. Hopefully there would be someone kind enough to let me own 1? .winks.

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