Wednesday, May 23, 2012

super busy...

Its been quite some time since I made a blog post. This past few weeks have been a really busy week for me especially last week and this week. Last week I had to rush to submit my first thesis draft to my supervisor and this week has been up few nights just to rush the Internet Computing project. My FYP thesis did till very badly as I do not have much result to be discussed as my algorithm is not out yet. Hopefully by this week the whole thing would be ready and at least I have some bad results to be shown. If by this week still I cant manage to do it then its really dooms time for me le. Kinda scared and worried ne. Will God help me in this difficult task? We will see bout it.
I really really dislike last minute work. Is not that I do not want to do the work, I just need someone to start developing the code with me. I'm really really a bad self learner. If I do things alone, my work will never get completed. I'm more of a team player. I need the others to cover up for my many weaknesses. I can say that my internet computing project team really lack of cooperation, commitment, planning and also communication. The group leader really must do a better job in dividing the task or else the group members will feel unsatisfied and start to rebel. Is not that I don't want to do the work but at least distribute some work to other group members to do ma. All also we have to handle, then how will it be called group work? I don't mind them come asking me how the code or the thing function. They at least have to take the initiative to come and ask me la. I already don't mind them waking me up last minute to come and ask me. What more can you ask for? I need my rest as my body could not take the stress. That is why I cant do last minute work. I planned ahead to avoid all this trouble.
Here's just 1 picture of my last weekend getaway at Melaka. I'm still busy with my thesis, competition, project, presentation and assignments. Hopefully I can write a blog post for my Melaka trip real soon.

I know she love this picture very much but she did complain she look fat in this picture. Its not my fault. XP

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