Sunday, May 6, 2012

skills are important

Lately I've noticed that the skills I've learned in my life is not really adequate. Actually most of the skills I've learnt in theory but after days goes by without brushing them up, 50% of it has been gone. The engineering skills which I learnt in my uni is the main example. What I've learnt during my semester 1 50% of it I've forgotten it as I seldom use it. Now I'm struggling trying to recall what have I learnt. BUT due to busy schedules where can I find time to brush up all the skills I learnt leh?

So now if I really want to venture into the photography industry I guess I have to keep brushing up my photography skills from time to time and also to keep my passion alive and burning. What I've learnt from my sifu Wesley Wong 70% I still can remember but the other 30% kinda just get stuck in my brain and unable to retrieve it back so easily. Like today during the photoshoot session, I wanted to apply what I've learnt for the pass few years but was unable to do it easily. First had some problems with the equipments, then cant really get the effect that I wanted. In the end I just gave up trying as I had to be fair to other participants who pay and joined the event.

I can say that the 1st paid photoshoot event organised by Simple Photography Guide is quite a success but with a few major improvements needed. The main one is to scout the area way before hand. Do not do scouting on the day of the event even if its a few hours before the photoshoot. You might never know what will pop up suddenly like model will arrive late and etc. So here are just some photos of the photoshoot event.

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