Friday, January 2, 2009

a very bad start... (part 2)

nonow i've been cursing the theive hopfully he will get uncurable sickness like me and have to suffer more than me and cannot die... so shall we continue the story??? after i reached times square the 1st thing tat i wanted to do was to make a police report... but unluckyly the police station booth at there was under renovation... i guessed it must be damaged during the new year eve count down... before this wanted to report at the police head quarters nearby there but it seems the gate was closed so din not went over to check it... they must be off too tats y the baddies are so active during this time... when the cat is not around the mice starts to come out and play... then we went to buy the movie tickets 1st which was starting at 4pm... so me and my friends went over to sungai wang to have our lunch since the food there is much more affordable to us... part of my friends later then went to look at yugioh cards and some of them followed me to low yat... at low yat there i found a sony ericsson authorised dealer shop and asked whether is there any way to bar the stolen phone from being used.. they said no and just ask me to call 999 to make a police report... if such small case also call 999 then i think the hotline will be really busy lor... then continued my survey for the cheapest wifi router... and finally my room mate din want to buy the 1 with wifi but choosed the one without wifi... since his rm100 hp was lost too on the same time... see how 'suay' are we....after that rushed over to catch the show and all i could say tat the movie was quite good and valuable for the RM11 i paid... so i recommend u people out there to watch the show... after watching the show my head was starting to pain... so we decided to head home and hope that the current is back at our kolej... to my dismay current was not back yet and we went to sri serdang to have our dinner 1st... when we are back lights could be seen aleidi... then comes the bad next news... the fren tat wanted to share the internet line bought a lan cable which was not long enough to be connected to his room... so he wanna back out... so if he back out i would have to pay more for the internet... how am i gonna collect enough money to buy a new hp if i got so much expences??? haiz... so tats all for my 1st day of 2009

really really unlucky and i bought a very very expensive lesson... feel like not wanting to take public transport when its pack with people any more...

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