Friday, February 22, 2008

dont know whats happening to me...

having a hard time this few days... i now dont even have the courage to just call a 'GIRL' friend to say hi... i kinda have a phobia towards girls now... i only dare to comunicate with them through writing but not face to face conversation... sounds so hopeless...


Eva said...

hi nicholas,
havent hear of u so long edi..
how r u recently?
from ur blog.. i noe it wasnt tat gud..
wat happen to ur health? i didn't get it still.. wat are u suffering from now?..
btw.. i'm linking u at my blog..
n.. juz wan to say.. b optimistic.. things will be better.. =) smile like dis..

K i r a said...

ha, long time no see yer, buddy =D hows ya lately? eva is right, try dont meant everything bad on yerself. Good luck =D