Saturday, May 16, 2015

Laugh Die You

Its been almost half a year since I last update here... Sorry for the lack of updates... Life has been quite normal for me throughout this half year and I really needed something interesting in my life... Luckily my friend Donovan from Manoah had 1 extra ticket to watch a stand up comedy titled Laugh Die You on 14-5-2015 ... This is my 1st time watching a stand up comedy and I was very looking forward to it as its been a long time since I had a great laugh... The main attraction of #LaughDieYou or #XiuSeiLei is Phua Chu Kang, Douglas Lim, Rizal Van Geyzel and Kumar.

I was told to reach early at HGH Convention Centre as the parking space there is very limited so I decided to go straight away after work... It was just 7pm only and visitors to #LaughDieYou started coming..

Came too early... Hall still empty...

When it was 7.30pm, the crowd starts to build up... Every1 was waiting to have a good laugh.

Phua Chu Kang was the 1st comedian to come up on stage and he was the emcee for the night. He really did a great job making every1 laugh especially during contest period.

The next 1 who came up is Rizal Van Geyzel.

Sorry for the poor quality photos. Was shooting in the dark with my Xperia S and I was quite far away from the stage.

And then it was Douglas's turn to come up on stage.

There's a short break before the next comedian is up

Its Kumar and I think every1 is waiting for him.

After Kumar's jokes, it was a joke off between Singapore comedian and Malaysia comedian to see who is the best.

So who will win???

In the end it was the audience who won because we all had a good laugh for 3 and a half hours... There were all kinds of joke being told ranging from current issues such as GST (girl show tetek), relationship, government and etc... The 1 thing that really gave me a deep thought is something pointed out by Douglas Lim... During the recent election, everyone was furious because there were immigrants (Bangladeshi, Nepalese and etc) who came to vote... We felt that they were not suppose to vote eventhough they are staying here and working here as they are not citizens yet.. But did we ever thought of last time when the chinese and indian ancestors who came here to work and eventually given the right to vote... The locals here were furious at that time too... Maybe in near future we will have more races categorize as Malaysian...

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