Sunday, October 26, 2014

Another phone gone..

As the title of my post says, I've lost yet another phone. This is my second time losing another phone. The real reason behind the lost is unclear as when I was about to use it I just could not find it. I tried calling my number immediately using my girl's phone but it seems that the phone has been switched off. So someone must have taken the phone away already. I'm not sure someone has picked pocket me or I've misplaced it but I think the latter has much higher probability as I did not go to a crowded place and 'get touched' by a stranger. I've just went to Jaya One today for the Photo Art Convention and was about to listen to a seminar only did I noticed the phone was gone. It wasn't a high end phone as its not a smart phone. Its just an ordinary Nokia 108 dual sim phone. Why would someone be so desperate to even take it away from me?

I'm just using this phone for calls and sms as the battery life can last me at least 5 days with continuous usage without charging. Although the damaged done is not high as the cost is not much but it really is a hassle trying to get everything back to normal. 1st I've got to hunt the same phone back (since its very good to use), get my Maxis and Digi sim card replacement. The phone cost me RM105, both the sim replacement cost me another RM10 each. Since today is a Sunday, I decided to go to Sunway Pyramid which I can get all the 3 items done at 1 go. Today I just found out for Maxis sim card replacement you need a police report if you intend to get a sim replacement for free. I wonder is it worth all the hassle to go all through that just to save RM10. I dont think the police will even bother since the phone I've lost is just a cheap one. This phone just lasted me like few months only and is the only phone that spend the shortest amount of time with me. Luckily there wasn't any important things in it just that I've got a memory card filled with old memories in it. I hope the person who took it will not misuse it.

After my 1st lost phone incident, I thought our telco's technology would have improved after a few years (5 maybe) but it seems that our telco is still unable to track our phone using the signal. I'm not sure its because they are lazy to do it (felt not significant as this kind of case is too common) or they really dont have the technology to do it. I'm sure they can still recall the signal where the phone was last sending out right? I just want to confirm where was my phone last seen as I've a hunch that there was a foreigner was trying to get close to us when I and my girl was resting on the sofa. The foreigner changed to a nearer sofa to us after I tried to sit a bit further from him as I had an uneasy feeling that he was stalking my girl. I guess he was aiming my phone maybe? This is just a reminder to all my readers. Next time when something suspicious came up, its better to check everything and to make sure everything is ok before leaving the scene. Just got to be more careful next time.

On another note, my bad luck for the day did not stop at the phone issue, my sandals also start showing signs of almost giving way. Time to hunt for a nice sandals.

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