Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Launch of A New Season of Supermodelme

On Wednesday I got to attend the launch of a reality super model show at Publika thanks to Donavan. The TV show is called Supermodelme Femme Fatale and its now in its 4th season. Its my 1st time attending a TV show launch. When I arrived it was still quite early and I did not know I will be alone at that event as I dont really know anyone there.
So in this season there are a total of 12 models participating in this contest to become the top model and win the grand prize which is $35000. The panel of judges were Lisa S, Dominic Lau and Ase Wang. I get to meet those participants and judges face to face. The models were really tall and thin and I guess those the criteria of being an international model.
As this is also my 1st time using my 70200G lens to shoot an event I guess I kinda screw most of my shots as it been quite some time since I shot a live event in low light condition. Some of the photos I manage to save but still its kinda a disappointment. So lets enjoy the photos.

Participants being interviewed

1st time seeing pole dancing in real life

Lisa S being interviewed

Ase Wang on stage

Lets take a group photo shall we.

The new season of Supermodelme Femme Fatale will premiere on Astro Diva on 18/11/13 Monday. Dont miss it. I've watched half of the 1st episode and its quite nice.

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