Saturday, August 22, 2009


yesterday was too too bz till wasnt to update the good news tat i receive yesterday... though not fully confirm how much is the value but just the mere knowing i'm a scholar makes me happy... but the happy moments dont last long...after the next day, reality catch up with me very quickly... my electric circuit test din know how to answer cuz havent got any time to study and was too tired to study after my ESTEM exco meeting... then later i remembered i have tons and tons of work needed to be done by next week.... lets list it out shall we...
1.system digit lab
2.maths test revision
3.math hw
4.jap quiz revision
5.bbi conversation critique(which have been totally rejected by the lecturer)
6.system digit tutorial
7.jap hw
8.uncountables activity meeting

all this happening next week... how ar??? die die lo...

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