Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chinese New year 2011

In a blink of an eye, cny 2011 has past just like that... this year's cny holiday seems to be very very short. Din get a chance to meet many of my old frens also.. Did not get the chance to gamble much also but at least finally i won a bit during gambling after so so many years of losing.... then last fri on 'chu jiu' i n 2 of my coursemates went to Dong Chan Shi temple... It was my 1st time visiting there and this time i'm lucky that i manage to brought 'her' along too.. too bad after that trip she fall sick and was unwell for a few days... then last tuesday i went on a trip to tanjung sepat with some of my pap seniors.. its a new experience for me as i seldom travel to small small villages... and after that had a small reunion dinner with them at equine park... kinda lazy to upload my pic here so pls visit my facebook page for the pic... cheers...

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