Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Went to pc fair last saturday.. intended to buy 100pc of DVD+R, the cd cover and a pen drive... but then when i reached there i saw there's so so many things tempting me... the computer, camcoder, and so on... some more on tat day i accompany 1 of my fren to buy something to replace her spoiled stuff... the whole day keep on kena poison only... but too bad my wallet has been heavily bleeding since my car broke down too many times in 1 month...

After accompanying my fren, i joined the alpha gang that was supposed to have their tt session in pc fair... 1st time joining such a big gang go shooting models... one of them is also kind enough to test my rechargeable battery to see whether is my flash gun having problem or the battery charger is faulty... so in the end it was concluded that my beloved flash gun hav to be sent to the ER... and the warranty just expired not long ago.. so looks like i hav to come up with a sum of money to treat it le... T.T

So below is the shots taken on my A200 without flash gun...

Kaspersky model


heard from frens this is the best model that i've taken in the entire shot

shook yee & yuen

friendly model - Cindy

model with cute smile... :D

Din manage to take all the leng lui pic during this round cuz due to short of time as i sneaked out during exam season to hav some fun... hopefully the next PC fair will be better and i will be better equiped(flash gun and MONEY!!!!!)

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