Saturday, February 14, 2009

S.A.D day

every 14 feb is S.A.D day for me... and it stands for single awareness day... every year at this date i will be super lonely while hearing my friends which are couples spend time with their partner... luckily this year i'm stuck in my kolej room busy studying for the next day's exam... yet i still feel rather lonely... every year also i will take the opportunity to send gifts to the girls that i like.. and every year i'm spending more and more in it... dunno y... just like all other years also, all my good intentions will go to waste... u know y waste??? cuz none of them even thanks me for the presents... i just hope they would maybe just wish me back also or something like tat lar... i din expect them to straight away accept me as their bf... its that so much to ask??? haiz... some how i still haven forget my ex... so i also take the opportunity to just write a lousy poem for her and just wished her... all i get is another heart broken news(due to my own fault).... she just treat me as a good friend(which i doubt thats the case cuz she hardly even find me now not like before i started to fall sick) and she told me to move on... i really really hope i can move on and just keep the things between me and her just as memories... but can i do that??? i seem to be still holding on very tightly and doesnt want to let go... how?????? DEPRESSED now..... :(

edit: finally in the last hour of the day 1 thanked me... feel better a bit now...

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